Kick off

Exactly one year ago I experienced one of the most profound moments in my life. During a theater performance of a dwarf in a small Chinese mountain town my heart suddenly opened up like a vast lake breaking through a dam. A sense of joy and meaning I had never felt before flooded to regions of my soul that I never knew existed. Today I realize it had everything to do with golden eggs and hatching them. For in that sunny moment, a few deeply cherished wishes finally came through.

It is hard to describe exactly how it felt or what it meant. Luckily, I can hide behind the fact that words don’t always do justice to explain certain occurences. Moreover, we were filming everything because I was working on my first documentary. Something I dreamt of doing for years and was now finally my reality.
In a way this moment felt like a finish line and a kick off at the same time. Therefore, it seems to me that today is the right day to finish keeping my mouth shut and kicking off my endeavor of making this film by sharing my progress and contemplations with you.

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